CSRDA Discussion Paper Series

Shuai Wang, Morozumi Akiko
Shuai Wang, Morozumi Akiko The University of Tokyo
management and leadershiphigher education
Goal 4: Quality EducationGoal 17: Partnerships for the Goals
Survey on Present Situation and Future Prospects of Senior University Managers, 2015

Recently, the leadership of the university president has been strengthened by the reform of higher education in Japan. However, very few studies have examined the leadership of university senior managers, and it is hard to identify what's the difference between senior academic managers and senior non-academic managers in leadership and management competencies. This paper attempts to analyze the present situation and future prospects of developing leadership and management competencies of university senior managers through a questionnaire survey in Japan. The findings indicate that though the top senior managers need comprehensive ability, a few of them attended management and leadership training. Work experience at university is important for senior managers, but at the same time, they have high expectations about external experiences and specialized training.