CSRDA Discussion Paper Series

No. 43 Study on the learning and life of university students during COVID-19: Summary of a Japanese-Chinese comparison study
Shuai Wang‚ÄČ
Shuai WangThe University of Tokyo
university studentscampus lifefinancial aidCOVID-19comparison study
Goal 1: No PovertyGoal 4: Quality Education
Survey of undergraduate students' studies and lifestyles

The impact of COVID-19 has affected the campus life of university students, particularly of those with financial difficulties. This study focuses on the situation in Japan and China, using survey data to compare the characteristics of student life in the two countries and aiming to understand the whole picture of student life in Japan and China by considering not only the situation during college enrollment but also the situation before entering college and career aspirations after graduation, based on the basic tabulations of the survey. Through comparative research, while differences were found between Japan and China in the form of online classes and the use of time in daily life, common trends were found regarding the worries associated with COVID-19 and anxiety about employment.