CSRDA Discussion Paper Series

No. 50 Employment Preferences of Workers: Results of a Joint Survey with an Employment Support NPO
Keisuke Kawata, Kei Kudo, Mako Yoshioka, Ryuji Rena‚ÄČ
Keisuke KawataThe University of Tokyo
Kei KudoSodateage.net
Mako YoshiokaSingle mother's sisterhood
Ryuji RenaMicrosoft Japan
Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic GrowthGoal 10: Reduced Inequalities

In this study, we estimated the preferences of workers facing difficulties in finding jobs. Specifically, through an organization that provides employment support to workers facing difficulties in finding jobs, we conducted an online survey of workers who are eligible for support. Specifically, we used the results of a conjoint survey in which respondents select a job description and answer direct questions about desired work content and created a multifaceted estimate of the distribution of respondents' preferences. The results of the analysis showed heterogeneity among the respondents regarding their preferences for work. For the question "Which is more important, responsibility or less work?", the responses were divided equally, and there was extreme variation among the answers provided by workers facing difficulties in finding jobs. There was also a strong relationship between important factors and the jobs selected in the conjoint survey. There was a clear trend that workers who preferred less burden avoided jobs with detailed descriptions. In contrast, that trend was weak for workers who preferred responsibility.